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What is Housing Help?

What is Housing Help??

Housing Help... a number of services that help people who do not have a place to live, or who are in a difficult situation and may become homeless.
If this is you, Housing Help services can help you find a place to live that you can afford and a place that is right for you.
Families, seniors, single parents, newcomers, youth… everyone can have trouble finding a place they can afford and a place that is right for them. Housing Help services help you settle into your new place to help you stay there as long as possible. When you have a stable place to live that you consider home, your health, or job and education opportunities can get better.
There are Housing Help Centres in small and big cities and towns across Ontario. A variety of places like shelters, drop-in programs, and agencies also have some Housing Help services. 

Housing Help services can help you:

Find a place to live:: This is called Housing Access and it means everything from helping you leave a bad situation (crisis intervention), to helping you find the right type of place for you. Housing Help services can help you search for market rent housing and help you with subsidized housing applications. Housing Help services may even help you find ways to pay for the costs of moving to your new place.

Settle into your new place: This is called Housing Stabilization and it means checking with you to see how you are doing in your new place. For example, helping you get to know your new neighbourhood and everything it has to offer. Before long you feel like you are part of the community!

Avoid having to leave your place: This is called Eviction Prevention and it means providing you with information about your legal rights as a renter or talking to your landlord. For example, a Housing Help worker can teach you what your Landlord's responsibility is and what is your responsibility. If you have any problems, you can learn where to go for help like a Legal Clinic right in your neighbourhood.

Find Financial Support: This is called Income Support Assistance and it means helping you with money matters including Ontario Works (OW), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), Rent, Bank loans and utility grants. It also means teaching you how to manage your money and do necessary tasks like your annual income tax return.
Get all the help you need: We work with partners to help you find and keep housing that you can afford and that is right for you. For example:
  • Housing providers like municipal social services.
  • Income supports like OW (Ontario Works) and ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) offices.
  • Legal services like community legal clinics.
  • Health services like community health centres.
  • Family support services like youth programs.
  • Settlement Services like newcomer programs.
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