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Youth Homelessness Policy Statement: Show your support!

Jul 03, 2012
News source: CHRA

From the Canadian Housing & Renewal Association:

At its Annual Congress in May 2012 in St John's, the Canadian Housing & Renewal Association (CHRA) launched "Ending Youth Homelessness: A CHRA Policy Statement". We now want to take a first step to transform the policy statement into action by demonstrating to decision-makers how many people and organizations want to see every young person in Canada safely housed. This is why we are asking for you or your organization to declare your support of the policy statement. Since we initially sent out this request a few weeks ago, the response has been outstanding; over 160 organizations and individuals have already endorsed the statement!

The reason we specifically targeted youth within this policy piece is because youth are one of the fastest growing segments of the homeless population. And because the causes and conditions of homelessness among young people - like aging out of foster care systems - are often distinct from those that define adult homelessness, distinct responses are also required. Young people are also more likely to experience abuse and exploitation when homeless.

This policy statement identifies the pathways through which young people become homeless or risk homelessness. It includes recommendations for action which would prevent and end homelessness among youth. It emphasizes that ending youth homelessness must be a national priority, and to that end, a specific strategy should be developed that would complement a long-term national housing and homelessness strategy that CHRA continues to urge the federal government to develop.

Here's what people are already saying about "Ending Youth Homelessness: A CHRA Policy Statement":
"The Canadian Homelessness Research Network is delighted to support the launch of CHRA's Youth Homelessness Policy. As Canada moves forward in developing strategic responses to homelessness, there is a need to develop targeted strategies that meet the needs of subpopulations. The causes of youth homelessness are different that those that impact adults; and if this is true, the solutions must also be unique. The Youth Homelessness Policy provides a framework for communities to address youth homelessness in a comprehensive way that focuses on prevention and rapid rehousing, in addition to safe and humane emergency services."
- Stephen Gaetz, Director, Canadian Homelessness Research Network

Well be working over the course of the summer to get as many endorsers as possible, so that we can let Members of Parliament know just how many people care about this issue when they return to Ottawa in the fall. So please consider supporting this work, or if you have already endorsed it, please spread the word!

Read the statement here.
See the organizations and individuals who have already endorsed the policy statement here.
Declare your individual support here .
Declare your organizations support here.


Jody Ciufo
Executive Director, CHRA

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