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Housing Opens Doors

May 29, 2013
News source: Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

Housing Opens Doors has launched a media campaign called RINGS of SUPPORT -

Housing Opens Doors is a multi-year campaign to make affordable housing a priority for Ontario. Led by the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA), the campaign has many supporters, including housing providers and tenants, organizations serving the public good, corporate sponsors and concerned people like you.

For far too long, affordable housing has been at the bottom of our provincial to-do list. It's been seen as a cost, not an investment, a sinkhole rather than a well of untapped potential. As a result, the waiting list for affordable housing has been growing year after year. As of 2012, it's reached 156,358 households.

Housing Opens Doors is here to change that, by telling a new story about affordable housing. A story about solutions, not problems. Investments, not costs. The core of our story is this: whenever a household opens the door to an affordable home, the ripple can be felt across Ontario, in everything from thriving families to a stronger economy.

So, Housing Opens Doors has set an ambitious goal: 156,358 rings of support, one for every Ontario household still waiting for an affordable home. To get there, we need you to do something you've done a thousand times before, but never with more importance: Ring the doorbell.

Help make affordable housing a priority in your community. Join us at one of four events we're putting on across Ontario. Hear speakers and tenants passionate about the issue, interact with a traveling door installation that brings the story of affordable housing to life, and of course, ring more doorbells!

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