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Road to Reintegration

Oct 29, 2012

The John Howard Society of Ontario, in partnership with Dr. O'Grady and Dr. Gaetz, successfully received a 3 year grant to examine and enhance reintegration in Ontario. As a result it has launched the Association for Effective Reintegration in Ontario (A.E.R.O) - a new venture bringing together front-line service providers, academics, government ministries and community organizations with the goal of better understanding and streamlining the reintegration process for people leaving correctional facilities in Ontario. A.E.R.O aims to assemble key partners to work towards a unified process of reintegration, with an emphasis on partnerships that turn research into progress.

Members of the association have been selected on the basis of both interest and a proven commitment to effecting real change. As a provincial body that represent a large number of housing service providers, the Housing Help Association of Ontario has been asked to join this committee. Maryann Proux, Executive Director for the Citizens for Affordable Housing and Vice Chair of HHAO, has been selected to sit on this committee. While A.E.R.O will address standing issues in the criminal justice field, members will be encouraged to network, collaborate and ultimately forge working relationships to solve problems across all components of the reintegrative process.