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Our Association


The Housing Help Association of Ontario (HHAO) is a provincial association of community based, not-for-profit organizations delivering the spectrum of free Housing Help services that prevent and reduce homelessness. The mandate of the Association is to:

  • Raise awareness and access to these services in the community

  • Create opportunities for professional development and the sharing of best practices

  • Build the capacity of service providers to respond to the housing support needs of their communities through networking and training

Programs and Services include:

  • Professional Development Support including Training Workshop Resources and videos
  • Specialized Resource Tool Kits LEAP Program Delivery
  • Housing News and Public Education
  • Forums and Discussion Boards
  • Advocacy Links
  • Networking, Peer Support and Members Speaker Bureau

Our Mission

The Housing Help Association of Ontario (HHAO) increases Housing Help service as a recognizable identity, in order to strengthen homelessness prevention work for people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness across the province.

Our Principles

The HHAO believes that all people regardless of age, income, gender, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation have the universal human right to suitable housing.

  1. The HHAO believes that Housing Help services form an essential community service whose core services assist people to find and keep suitable housing.
  2. The HHAO affirms that our member Housing Help services strive to address root causes and conditions of housing insecurity.
  3. The HHAO will provide a perspective and facilitate interactions with all levels of government regarding the issues, policy and decisions relating to Housing Help services.
  4. Supports agencies that perform the following core Housing Help services.
  • Housing access, stabilization and eviction prevention
  • Housing support and homelessness prevention funds
  • Advocacy or referral assistance

History of the HHAO

In 2008, the Housing Help Association of Ontario (HHAO) received a two year Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant to make the dream of an association a reality. Representatives from the following Housing Help Centres formed the first executive committee: Georgian Triangle Housing Resource Centre; Peterborough Housing Resource Centre; The Help Centre (Northumberland County); Sudbury Canadian Red Cross – Housing Help Program; Hamilton Housing Help Centre; COSTI – North York Housing Help and East York East Toronto Family Resources. During 2008, housing help conferences were held in Toronto and Kingston.

In 2009, HHAO launched, the first province-wide housing help website – a portal to a growing and comprehensive housing help service providers across Ontario. In addition, HHAO implemented sustainable association governance and online tools to enhance communication between housing help service providers.

In 2011, HHAO piloted housing help training initiatives in large and small communities across Ontario and conducted housing help related research and policy development. In addition, HHAO was selected by Enbridge to administer their Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) and to bring a community voice and perspective to the Ontario Energy Board on policies affecting low income households across Ontario.

In 2012, the Hamilton Housing Help Centre became the trustee for the HHAO. A new association website was created to connect people and agencies engaged in housing help services. Additional housing resources, webinars, and tool kits were added to the website, and the site was translated into French.

In 2012, the HHAO developed additional resources and workshops that focused on increasing awareness and understanding of the unique issues of rural and remote homelessness.

Each year membership has grown as the HHAO actively engages in the issues of housing and homelessness in partnership with all levels of government and other social service sectors.

If you are government, funders, partner social service agencies or just interested in the history of homelessness prevention in Ontario click here to read more about the "Early History of the Housing Help Sector"

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